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About Us

Beth Abernathie, R.N. B.S.N.

Pilates Instructor and Owner

I started doing Pilates on the Reformer over eight years ago. I've never been one to love exercise but I love the Reformer. After completing a marathon and developing foot problems, I needed some form of exercise besides walking. Wanting to improve my form and increase the benefits, I decided to pursue education towards becoming a certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body University. 

After graduating from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing I worked in the Emergency Department eventually becoming Head Nurse. I then progressed to my second career raising our son. My third career was opening and having a retail business, Meow, for fifteen years. After much thought and realization that the store locale was perfect for a Pilates and Yoga Studio, Chapel Hill Pilates and Yoga came into being and therefore launched my fourth career change. I love it!

Tamara Sack, M.A. and RYT-200

Yoga Instructor 

Years ago my health reached an all-time low; I was at my heaviest weight ever, in so much pain from my chronic illness that I could barely stand or sit for minutes without screaming, and depending heavily on medications that were causing as much damage as they were helping. I was encouraged by a massage therapist to try yoga, and after a lot of badgering I finally signed up for a private lesson. I spent a year working once or twice a week with my instructor in a chair, building my strength, learning how to work with my body instead of against it, and exploring different aspects of yoga that could really help me live a better life. As the years passed, I began advocating for myself and embarked on a journey of learning how to best manage my health while being compassionate and kind to myself in the process. I progressed in my ability to maintain more challenging variations of yoga poses and learned so much about the power of breath not only in the classroom, but also in my everyday life. Today I’m in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in, able to do more than I ever dreamed, but still exploring new challenges and ever deepening my practice.

I enrolled in a yoga teacher training course in 2018 in order to deepen my own personal practice, and soon found myself becoming passionate about ensuring that people like me, who needed an accessible classroom and an understanding teacher who would work with them instead of expecting them to fit a pre-set mold of a yoga student, had the opportunity and space to explore varying forms of yoga. I took additional trainings in meditation, yoga nidra, accessible yoga, and diverse body types yoga, working with people including Kelly Smith, Amber Karnes, Diane Bondy, and Jivana Heyman. I am an ambassador for the Accessible Yoga Organization and am always researching new ways to bring yoga to the underserved populations around me. I taught at a gym in Kirksville, Missouri, as well as leading private sessions before moving to Columbia in 2019. I’ve taught yoga at Moberly Area Community College and am thrilled to be working at Chapel Hill.

If you’re looking for a supportive and welcoming atmosphere where you can find a yoga practice that serves you exactly where you are today, I invite you to try a class or contact me with questions or concerns. Yoga is for everybody and every body.

Jeanne Schmitt

Pilates Instructor

My interest in dance, movement, and individual sports led me to the Department of Physical Education at the University of Massachusetts.  While there I was recruited by Marilyn Patton, the founder of the University’s Modern Dance Company.  It was exciting to be part of the brand-new program and a performing dance company.   I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Dance.  I taught Dance at the MacDuffie School for girls in Massachusetts and Physical Education at the Derryfield School in New Hampshire.   At Derryfield, I was able to incorporate dance into the P.E. program and start a performing Dance Group.  I also coached Field Hockey and Gymnastics. When I moved to Columbia I began coaching at the Columbia Gymnastic Club.  I later became Head Coach and then Team Manager.  After my children were born, I became the head instructor of Tiger Tot Gymnastics at the University of Missouri. After 25 years of teaching and coaching I retired, but continued to take fitness class at local gyms.

Six years ago, I started Pilates and found it to be a perfect fit for me.  I trained in St Louis in Balanced Body Reformer and apprenticed at Chapel Hill Pilates and Yoga.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Chapel Hill Team

Kelly Gunter R.N.,B.S.N. Pilates Instructor 
Karen Grundy  Missouri Contemporary Ballet. Pilates Instructor


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